Smittstop, product research and development

About Smittstop (Infectious Stop), swine flu, and some background.

Smittstop, based on a cationic polymer is a brand new Swedish innovation.

The polymer protects against in principle all viruses, bacteria, fouling, not only microorganisms but also fungi, algae, mosses, lichens, etc..
Gert Strand Co have just developed a product designed to protect roofs, planks, passageways and buildings against algae, mosses, lichens and other fouling.

The product is sold under the name Fulstop.

Spray on – let it rain off.

A stronger protection with the name Tvarstop, must be applied to new or cleaned surfaces and gives a non toxic and long-life protective surface.

Smittstop is a brand new product , but available for delivery.

The product was originally developed as a way to cheaply obtain the reduction in hospital disease in Sweden and give a total stop of spread via surfaces in the food sector – salmonella and listeria.

All the products above are based on a physical protection, a positively charged polymer.

All the fouling of the virus, staphylococci, bacteria of moss is negatively charged, get trapped on the polymer surface and die.

Completely non-toxic and food-approved.

Since the product is a new invention, no one knows how long the protection will remain.

Polymer attaches itself so hard that it also remains under water and it is not unlikely that the protection remains in more than 10 years in places where it is not so much wear.

New Swedish invention can reduce spreading of swine influenza

SMITTSTOP is based on a new unique Swedish invention, cationic polymers, which are positively charged and adhere to all surfaces.

Bacteria, viruses, staphylococci and all microorganisms are negatively charged.
All these are attracted to the positive charge of the polymer, they cannot grow and die.

According to the Swedish Institute for Infectious Disease Control swine influenza is spread via aerosols (coughing and sneezing).
By getting the virus on the fingers it can enter the eyes, nose or mouth.

The standard types of facemask do not hinder the virus from entering the airways.
By spraying both sides of facemasks with SMITTSTOP and allow them to dry the protection offered by the mask is greatly enhanced.

SMITTSTOP sprayed on infected surfaces kills bacteria and viruses and at the same time the surfaces are cleaned and degreased.
Unlike ordinary cleaning compounds the treatment leaves an invisible layer of the positive polymer that is very hard wearing off.

Where to buy?

You can order SMITTSTOP freight free all over the world via the Internetshop at Allfreightfree, directly from the manufacturer.

Instructions for use

Spray on

Allow to air dry if the surface is already clean, otherwise dry off.

For surfaces previously cleaned with ordinary cleaner (anion tensides) in order to neutralise remnants of the cleaner it may be necessary to clean twice before achieving the full effect.

Easy to prevent spread of infection

SMITTSTOP should be obligatory in all infection clinics, hospitals, doctor’s surgeries, chemists and places where infection spreads.

Because in principle for no extra cost at all many sick days can be saved if infection is stopped  via public spaces where accessible surfaces on public transport, lavatories and door handles and the like are treated.

Infection is not only stopped; bacteria, viruses and staphlyococci that land on the treated surfaces fasten and die, to infect no more.

Long term protection without pesticides!

All spread of infection on surfaces

SMITTSTOP prevents all spread of infection via surfaces

SMITTSTOP is a bactericidal broad spectrum cleaner which is effective long term.

SMITTSTOP  leaves an invisible covering of non-toxic  polymer (a plastic so thin it is invisible), it adheres so well it even remains in place under water.

All bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms are negatively charged, they stick to the polymer and die.

Exchange your existing cleaner spray container with SMITTSTOP – no extra costs in stopping the spreadingof infection.

SMITTSTOPP has a direct bactericidal effect.

SMITTSTOP even cleans surfaces from dirt and also dissolves fat.

These effects come from a new environmentally friendly super-tenside.

The cleaning effect can be simply enhanced.

-Spray on, wait a few minutes before the surface is dried off.

The cleaning effect has more than doubled.

SMITTSTOPP functions for years but if the surface becomes dirty bacteria can

live on it, Just spray on new SMITTSTOPP and dry off.

When the surface is once again clean the full effect returns.

How does SMITTSTOP work?

SMITTSTOPP is a bactericidal cleaner with long term effectiveness

  • Spray on
  • Dry off
  • Ready

Kills all bacteria, viruses, staphylocci, fungi and microorganisms directly.

How does SMITTSTOPP work?

SMITTSTOP gives a very thin surface of polymer, it is positively charged.
All microorganisms (which are negative charged) are attracted to this surface, stick to it and die.

If SMITTSTOP is sprayed on surfaces cleaned with ordinary (anionic = negatively charged) cleaner its effect can be weakened or be entirely absent.

So SMITTSTOP should be applied twice to such surfaces until the positive charge takes over.

With SMITTSTOP all spread, the protection remains for many years.

Protection never stops.

There are only three ways this protection can cease:

  • If the surface is washed with ordinary (anionic = negatively charged) cleaner.

So wash surfaces treated with SMITTSTOP only with non-ionic cleaner or SMITTSTOP spray.

  • The protective layer can be worn off mechanically. If uncertain, spray once extra rather than once to few.
  • The surface can become dirty so that bacteria can live on the dirt.

So keep surfaces treated with SMITTSTOP clean – or spray and clean off the dirt.

Where should SMITTSTOP be used?

All accessible surfaces in hospitals, care centres, public spaces, restaurants, schools,

creches, shops, taxis and public transport and not least in the home.

Examples of such surfaces are taps, mixers, handles, switches, flushing knobs and

the like where infection can easily be spread.

Treat mobile telephones, keyboards and moused.

Protect food preparation equipment against salmonella, staphylococci and listeria

in kitchens – on draining boards, all equipment, restaurants and bulk catering, etc,.