Everyone knows that the air filter in heat pumps / airconditioners must be cleaned from time to time from dust to keep a good economy.

Major installations for schools, hospitals, offices have complex filter with a broad spectrum treatment against microbial growth of fungi yeasts, algae, bacteria and other harmful microorganisms. These are expensive and thus inappropriate for the home or small office.

Smittstop, a new revolutionary method that does not use toxic or alcohols, but a postively charged polymer that attracts all the negatively charged micro-organisms, bacteria, viruses, yeasts and molds and kill them efficiently. Swine influenza virus is an example of virus that is killed directly by Smittstop.

Next time you clean your air filters – spray on Smittstop – let it dry and replace the filter. You are then given a combination of filter that cleans the intake air through the air filter on both the dust particles and microorganisms.

A further advantage of Smittstop is at it is sprayed on the surfaces to be protected / being active, so Smittstop is not tied to any specific brand, manufacturer of air filter, it  can be used at all.

Tests show that Smittstop kill, 99.99% of all Gram-negative microorganisms.