SMITTSTOP is based on a new unique Swedish invention, cationic polymers, which are positively charged and adhere to all surfaces.

Bacteria, viruses, staphylococci and all microorganisms are negatively charged.
All these are attracted to the positive charge of the polymer, they cannot grow and die.

According to the Swedish Institute for Infectious Disease Control swine influenza is spread via aerosols (coughing and sneezing).
By getting the virus on the fingers it can enter the eyes, nose or mouth.

The standard types of facemask do not hinder the virus from entering the airways.
By spraying both sides of facemasks with SMITTSTOP and allow them to dry the protection offered by the mask is greatly enhanced.

SMITTSTOP sprayed on infected surfaces kills bacteria and viruses and at the same time the surfaces are cleaned and degreased.
Unlike ordinary cleaning compounds the treatment leaves an invisible layer of the positive polymer that is very hard wearing off.