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1/4 to half of the workforce may be ill or be removed and the entire company’s operation can be threatened.
There is also a small risk that a member of the staff can die.
Schools can be closed, buses stop working, family members get sick, and  staff must care for their children and family.
Make a plan now, on paper.
Make preparations now – before it is too late – and inform all staff.


* Buy in any case, 1 bottle Smittstop from to help prevent contamination.
* Add a few virus-proof masks here (not only simple mouth masks) now – masks will end when everyone start to buy at the same time.
* Laundry Spirits will cost your company a fortune, make your own virus-killing solution of 2 ml Bensaltensid and 1 liter of water. Keep this in spray bottles, spray on the hands when cleaning.
Kill virus in a few seconds. 1 liter Bensaltensid is enough to 500 liters of solution.
Same volume of hand spirits would cost 15 000 USD.
* Real h1n1 virus-proof (Class FFP3) masks with valve (masks must be sprayed on the outside with Smittstop) can be used until they get hard to breathe in – perhaps for weeks. Works even in hard work (without the valve, it will be harder to breathe).
* Sit down (with security- and other people with knowledge)  and make a risk assessment- and a pandemic plan.
* Are there towels in the bathroom or kitchen, replace them with drying paper – today.

The plan may include include:
* Who replaces whom when sick
* Free C-vitamin to staff to strengthen immune defense until swine influenza pandemic 2009 h1n1 is over
* Swine Flu vaccination as soon it is available.

Practical details.
* Cooperation with security staff so they does not stop work due to pandemic infection risk.
* Staff have the right to refuse to vaccinate themselves.If someone will do this and how does this affect his/her position?
* Measures not to spread the infection within the company. Smittstop, masks, routines, the fastest possible vaccination.
* Will the company use disposable coffee cups, plates etc. until the pandemic ends?
* Measures to avoid being infected with swine flu h1n1 from visitors, mail collection, deliverys
* Start using Smittstop spray before the pandemic breaks out – ie right now
* Make a list where Smittstop should be used – kitchen, toilets, handles, stair railings, telephones, mobile phones, mouse, keyboards, door handles, alarm system, keypads, etc..
——-  The effect lasts throughout the pandemic as long as the surface is not covered by dirt.
If you want to be extra safe give door handles one treatment every week, the abrasion is greatest on the door handles.
* If masks will be used, who will wear them? Masks must be sprayed on the outside with Smittstop.
* Can conferences and customer visits take place via telephone and video conference instead?
* Staff come to work with bus, subway or train? Rather pay them to take the car?
* Can some departments be closed to keep others going?
* Are the staff eating out at restaurants?
Are the restaurant using Smittstop, masks, gloves?
Perhaps better to switch to frozen Micro food – the   pandemic can be over within  3-4 weeks.
* A paper with the rules for the staff (keep distance, masks, don’t touch your face, use gloves when smoking, wash hands frequently, etc.)
* What work can be done at a distance from home?
* Are the companys routines written down so that replacement staff can  take over quickly?
* Avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth, to reduce the risk of infection via the subject that you touched recently where the influenza virus h1n1 may have stuck. Treat all common surfaces with Smittstop.
Particularly important is the handle for toilets, seats, taps, flushbutton, switches and paper clips.
* Handkerchiefs bought and distributed. All the coughing and sneezing should be done in handkerchiefs, never directly  into the air.
* If we have to work overtime? Over 48/50 hours the company may have to apply for exemption? Valid emergency overtime?
* Distribute / bookmark sites with information about swineflu so staff can go and update themselves.

Mouse, keyboard and mobile phones should be treated with Smittstop regurarely.

Never compare Smittstop with standard bactericidal agents. Smittstop is also a direct killer of the pandemic inflensaviruset h1n1.
The difference is that Smittstop leaves a positively charged surface that continues to protect for years.

Spray on and wipe off = long-term protection.

PR: wait… I: wait… L: wait… LD: wait… I: wait… wait… Rank: wait… Traffic: wait… Price: wait… C: wait…