About Smittstop (Infectious Stop), swine flu, and some background.

Smittstop, based on a cationic polymer is a brand new Swedish innovation.

The polymer protects against in principle all viruses, bacteria, fouling, not only microorganisms but also fungi, algae, mosses, lichens, etc..
Gert Strand Co have just developed a product designed to protect roofs, planks, passageways and buildings against algae, mosses, lichens and other fouling.

The product is sold under the name Fulstop.

Spray on – let it rain off.

A stronger protection with the name Tvarstop, must be applied to new or cleaned surfaces and gives a non toxic and long-life protective surface.

Smittstop is a brand new product , but available for delivery.

The product was originally developed as a way to cheaply obtain the reduction in hospital disease in Sweden and give a total stop of spread via surfaces in the food sector – salmonella and listeria.

All the products above are based on a physical protection, a positively charged polymer.

All the fouling of the virus, staphylococci, bacteria of moss is negatively charged, get trapped on the polymer surface and die.

Completely non-toxic and food-approved.

Since the product is a new invention, no one knows how long the protection will remain.

Polymer attaches itself so hard that it also remains under water and it is not unlikely that the protection remains in more than 10 years in places where it is not so much wear.