SMITTSTOPP is a bactericidal cleaner with long term effectiveness

  • Spray on
  • Dry off
  • Ready

Kills all bacteria, viruses, staphylocci, fungi and microorganisms directly.

How does SMITTSTOPP work?

SMITTSTOP gives a very thin surface of polymer, it is positively charged.
All microorganisms (which are negative charged) are attracted to this surface, stick to it and die.

If SMITTSTOP is sprayed on surfaces cleaned with ordinary (anionic = negatively charged) cleaner its effect can be weakened or be entirely absent.

So SMITTSTOP should be applied twice to such surfaces until the positive charge takes over.

With SMITTSTOP all spread, the protection remains for many years.

Protection never stops.

There are only three ways this protection can cease:

  • If the surface is washed with ordinary (anionic = negatively charged) cleaner.

So wash surfaces treated with SMITTSTOP only with non-ionic cleaner or SMITTSTOP spray.

  • The protective layer can be worn off mechanically. If uncertain, spray once extra rather than once to few.
  • The surface can become dirty so that bacteria can live on the dirt.

So keep surfaces treated with SMITTSTOP clean – or spray and clean off the dirt.