All spread of infection on surfaces

SMITTSTOP prevents all spread of infection via surfaces

SMITTSTOP is a bactericidal broad spectrum cleaner which is effective long term.

SMITTSTOP  leaves an invisible covering of non-toxic  polymer (a plastic so thin it is invisible), it adheres so well it even remains in place under water.

All bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms are negatively charged, they stick to the polymer and die.

Exchange your existing cleaner spray container with SMITTSTOP – no extra costs in stopping the spreadingof infection.

SMITTSTOPP has a direct bactericidal effect.

SMITTSTOP even cleans surfaces from dirt and also dissolves fat.

These effects come from a new environmentally friendly super-tenside.

The cleaning effect can be simply enhanced.

-Spray on, wait a few minutes before the surface is dried off.

The cleaning effect has more than doubled.

SMITTSTOPP functions for years but if the surface becomes dirty bacteria can

live on it, Just spray on new SMITTSTOPP and dry off.

When the surface is once again clean the full effect returns.