The cationic polymer has a very strong activity against all influenza viruses.
Smittstop can be sprayed on protective masks (even surgical masks are not 100% tight against infuensavirus) and on the surface to catch and kill viruses.
On the outside it eliminates incoming virus and on the inside acts as a second barrier while – if the wearer is infected – it will kill virus on used masks.

Smittstop can be sprayed on the outside of the virus-proof masks.
Then the outside can not be contaminated with virus.
A mask can thus be used for a longer period although it is perhaps intended as a disposable mask.
It may be economically impossible to provide all staff with masks, which costs 20 USD per piece if they are subjected to be changed several times a day.
By spraying the mask on the outside a mask can be used over a prolonged time.

Swine flu spread primarily through aeroesol.
From sneezing, coughing and contaminated hands  the virus ends up on different surfaces.
From these surfaces the virus moves further when someone touch  them.
The exposed surfaces are toilets, handrails on buses and in the stairs, taps, switches.
In hospitals, schools, restaurants – places where many people gather is most vulnerable.

Infection from these areas can be easily stopped with Smittstop.
Effects are also easily controlled, a common culture test which are regularly used in the food industry and cost only around 15 USD proves Smittstops effectivness immediately.