Pandemic flu planning is the only option to protect people from the grip of the H1N1 virus and prevent it from spreading.  As a pandemic can bring a nation to a grinding halt due to its critical nature it is imperative to have a plan in place in order to battle the situation out. Strategies to keep private and public sectors and schools operational during the outbreak,  the use and distribution of the anti-viral drugs, planning for a vaccination campaign, upgrading the medical systems are all a part of pandemic flu planning.

The H1N1 pandemic or Swine Flu as it is more popularly known began in April 2009. It affects people of all ages irrespective of their locations or backgrounds and can grip a high number of people making them ill and can also lead to death. First detected in the United States this flu has taken in its grip countries like Mexico, Canada and now India.

The H1N1 virus varies in its severity. Ranging from mild to severe, it can lead to death if not detected in time. Though it begins like any other flu or influenza, it can prove fatal as in its final stages it affects the respiratory organs causing their failure leading to death. This virus spreads like any other influenza virus form people to people and is categorized by its flu like symptoms. Fever accompanied by either cold, sneezing,  breathing trouble to stomach infections can be symptoms of Swine Flu.

As this virus affects a number of people at the same time, precautionary measures that individuals take can help in reducing the chances of getting infected. Simple measures such as avoiding large public gatherings, staying indoors if one has a cold or fever until it subsides, covering the face while sneezing or coughing and washing hands frequently can help to control the spreading of the virus until the flu vaccine is made available.

One of the other measures that you can take is to use a disinfectant cleaner or sanitizer that kills the virus and bacteria. Though there are a number of sanitizers available in the market, the disinfectant Smittsstopp looks at providing long term protection. This sanitizer can be used as a spray or a spray cleaner and offers long term protection. Cationic by nature, its properties make it effective from the second it is sprayed on.  Leaving a molecular thin film of positively charged food grade polymer, this sanitizer attracts the swine flu virus to the surface it is sprayed on and then kills it. As this spray uses cationic polymer, it binds well with all surfaces making it last under water. When used rubbed on hands it destroys the breaks the virus and kills it, lasting a couple of hours before it sweats off. If used while washing clothes as the final wash, this sanitizer protects your clothes from attracting the virus until almost 20 washes.

It is easy to incorporate Smittstopp into your cleaning routine. Smittstopp protects you, your home and workplace from this deadly virus. Being a cationic polymer, this product is non-toxic and can be used on all kinds of materials and surfaces. Available online at , this is one of the most convenient and cost effective methods to prevent contamination